The Genesis Remote Canister Shock

Remote Canister Shock Assembly

The Genesis Remote Canister Shock is only available in the GX aluminum Extreme Series.

The unit consists of a non-bulb shock assembly, without floating piston, connected by a braided hose to a remote canister assembly containing a floating piston, gas chamber and optionally a base valve assembly.

The assembly begins by connecting the braided hose (9630-24) banjo end to the shock closure (A9200R) with the banjo bolt (9100). The banjo bolt must have the proper 3 o-rings in good condition and be well lubricated. The banjo bolt is torqued to 10 ft-lbs. The banjo will rotate. The other connector on the hose is a 1/8″ male NPT. Pipe dope should be applied to the threads and the connector tightened into the remote chamber closure cap (9130). Thread the remote chamber closure cap (9130) onto canister body (9120GX). Place the shock assembly in vise and fill with oil. Hold the remote canister above the oil level to allow air to purge from hose. Fill the shock with oil, taking care that canister doesn’t overflow. This will require a properly placed second vise or second person. Insert piston and rod assembly and bleed piston assembly. Then thread and tighten shock closure (A5800) AND insert and tighten seal screw (2200).

Now invert shock in vise with shock rod DOWN. Making sure that the remote has enough oil not to draw air, stroke the shock, rod down, to bleed the system. When the oil moves into the canister without bubbles, then it is completely bled.

Now fully extend shock shaft and reposition shock in vise shaft up. Add or remove oil from canister so there is oil in canister 4 inches down from open end of canister. Make sure shock shaft is fully extended.

Insert floating piston (5700R) cup side down and seal screw (2200) removed. Tap floating piston down until it is 4-1/2 inches as measured from open end of canister.There will be oil on top of floating piston.

Gently stroke shock 1 or 2 inches to bleed area below floating piston. Again fully extend shock rod. Now, using screw holder insert and thread seal screw then tighten. Pour off remaining oil leaving a film for lube.

Insert remote chamber closure cap (9250) into canister and secure with retaining ring (2050-193).

Pressurize the canister to the appropriate pressure.