Xtreme Series

Genesis Racing Shocks – All New Xtreme Series Improved and Proven Stability and Traction! The New GX Series non adjustable and adjustable series mono tube shock absorber offers a new profile dyno curve to improve traction and control as well as driver feel and feedback to ever changing track conditions through its unique double checked low speed valving design with completely independent rebound and compression adjustments that increases traction especially in slick conditions. The GX Series features unique proprietary WNF synthetic shock absorber fluid, Proprietary DGP design, keeps pressure low while supporting compression valve values, Double checked low- speed valving design with ± .00004” precision components and Proprietary EDO force velocity profiles. The GX Series aluminum series is available in 5” – 6” – 7” – 8” and 9” stroke and any possible valving. The GX aluminum series has a fully anodized blue aluminum body with a large built on gas reservoir which increases the volume of gas the shock holds and lowers the unwanted increase in rod pressure that comes with stroke. The GX Series Steel Shock in GXS0, GXS1, GXS2 and GXS3 and base valves to add to its extensive line of advanced technology racing steel and aluminum shock absorbers.

There is no finer shock absorber available to the racer.