Information on Shipping Shocks back for service.

  • Every day we get repairs in from all over the World.

  • So here's some information to help get your shocks safely to us.

  • Our slow time of year is the end of November and December.

  • Use a extra heavy duty box that's large enough to fit the shocks in. Please don't over pack the box.

  • Every week we receive at least one or two packages where the shocks have poked through the box.

Do Not use packing peanuts!
They make a mess and don't protect the shock all !

  • If you have a shock leaking oil - Please wrap in plastic so it doesn't leak all over the box.

  • Please include your information inside the box.

  • Name, Daytime Phone number and when you need them back by.

  • Add your business card if you have one.

  • We receive packages all the time from a "Mailbox Express" or "UPS Package Center" and we have no idea who sent it and when we call a "Mailbox Express" or "UPS Package Center" they haven't got a clue who brought it in or had them ship it.

  • We receive our UPS usually before noon but FedEx and USPS doesn't come until late afternoon.
  • We try to turn around repairs and rebuilds in 1 to 2 days if you need it back faster than that as in I need it by the weekend you need to call as soon as you know the shock is coming in to us and advise how you want it shipped back to you.
  • We insure all merchandise we ship and recommend you Insure your shocks for the FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE against loss or damage. All of the carriers will only pay $100 on your package unless you've bought additional insurance. If they inspect a damaged box claim and decide your packing is faulty they will not pay your claim even if you bought additional insurance.

Clean up exceptionally dirty shocks so that they can be worked on

Will be charged $10.00 each shock.

Repairs and Revalving

Overhaul includes

Labor to rebuild shock

Replace Rod Bearing and Seal
O-Rings and New Oil
Dyno to Confirm Valving and New Decals.
Overhaul - G1-G0-G6-GS1-GS0 $92.00
Overhaul - G2-G3-G7-G8 $107.00
Overhaul - GX1,GXS1,GXS0 $115.00
Overhaul - GX2,GX3,GXS2,GXS3 $140.20

See Parts Sheet for Parts Pricing....Click here

Revalve $13.50 additional Per G1-G0-G6-GS1-GS0 - Shock non adjustable.
Revalve $ 85.00 Per G2-G3-G7-G8 - Shock adjustable. 
Revalve $13.50 Per GX1,GXS1,GXS0 - Shock non adjustable.
Revalve $ 85.00 Per GX2,GX3,GXS2,GXS - Shock adjustable. 

Shock Dyno Service

Dyno Shock  $20.00 ea.

Adjustable Shock Dynoed $20.00 ea. / $10.00 ea. adjustment.

Chase Threads on shock body - $15.00 per shock.

Spring Smash Machine Service

Set up stack springs $50.00

Clean up exceptionally dirty shocks so that they can be worked on

Will be charged $10.00 each shock.

Genesis Racing Shocks Catalog.

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