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Genesis Shocks is Located in historic Roswell, Georgia just 25 miles north of Atlanta. Established in March of 2006 Genesis Shocks is a new company although the founders of Genesis are anything but NEW to the shock absorber industry with over 60 years experience between them in the shock absorbers and the racing industry. At Genesis, quality, service and consistency come in first so you can too.

Mike Farr

Last Fall the Genesis Shocks Partnership, family, friends, customers and the racing industry as a whole lost a major participant with the passing of Mike Farr. Mike had spent the last thirty plus years intimately involved with shock absorbers and racers. Drivers and car owners were perfectly comfortable and welcome in calling or texting Mike at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning and confident that he would respond. He was a professional night owl, ready to help or congratulate or commiserate. His presence is missed and cannot be duplicated.

His wife, Bobbie, is now working in the partnership assisting with customer service and the Genesis Facebook page and website. In addition, Bruce Hordusky a late model owner/ driver with long experience is helping with tech assistance from his base in Pennsylvania and Dwight Pilgram a former modified and mini-sprint owner/driver, again with many years experience, is assisting from the factory in Georgia.

The rest of the Genesis family is busy doing what we do; making and improving great racing shock absorbers.

We thank our racers, car owners, distributors and fans for their continuing support. 

Mike Lutz

Mike Lutz, after graduating from Georgia Tech, spent seven years as an officer in the Army, serving with distinction in Korea and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Transitioning into the civilian world, he joined Monroe Shocks as a Technical Sales Representative and was recognized as the Outstanding District Salesman.  He then owned and operated a NAPA jobbing operation and after a few years joined Carrera Shocks, moving into manufacturing. In his over twenty years with Carrera he was the Vice-President and General Manager and later Vice-President for Engineering.  In these positions Mike made major design innovations for many Carrera products.  Fully understanding computerized management systems and CNC machining issues as well as modern production and quality programs, he helped steer the core of the business forward.  He has over thirty years of automotive and shock absorber experience and is an expert in cutting edge manufacturing technology and management techniques.  There are only a handful of people worldwide that have Mike’s technical understanding of shock absorbers with the ability to translate that understanding into cutting edge products.

Genesis Shocks

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