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Recent Winners on Genesis Racing Shocks

What the Drivers are saying about us

Tony Roland

 Any shock is only as good as the info you give your shock builder. We had Integra's on our car switched to Genesis and worked with Mike Farr have won 8 out of 10 crate races so far this year. So they are very good shocks.

Norm Mayhew

 I just wanted to make sure that I took a second to thank you and your team for the excellent service and fast turnaround on my shock repair. Thanks to your amazing service department, we will be back on track this weekend. We look forward to using, and selling your products for years to come.
thanks, Norm Mayhew

Robby Moore

Just wanted to thank you guys for building such an excellent shock.
This year we won the track championship at Malden Speedway and finished in the top ten in Nesmith National Points and also won 5 races at West Plains Motor Speedway on your shocks.

We have been on everything else and your guys shocks seems to be the best ones we have bolted on so thanks again.
Sincerely Robby Moore

Team Blair Racing

Team Blair Racing would like to thank Genesis Shocks for all their support this year. You won't find a better shock or better people to work with. We've never had a car that drives like this. Max Blair 2012 Stats: 53 starts, 31 wins, 44 top 5s.

Bill Moyer

Great shocks I must say, haven't had to adjust on the car much this year!
Won at Big Diamond Speedway - Minersville, PA. on 5/25/2012

Blair Granger

Hey guys,
We just won the "Thunder Series" down here in Brisbane Australia.
I use & sell Genesis shocks, with help from General Lee at Mason`s
My crew tell me Genesis are the easiest adjustable shocks thay have worked with,

thanks !!!

Donnie Moran

The only thing I changed on my car this last year was to your shocks and 2011 was the best I've run in a long time. It's been a while since I've won over 10 races in 1 year. Thanks Mike.

Kelly Estes

Thanks genesis shocks for your awesome shocks that took us to victory lane at the 2011 labor day shootout in Hibbing Minn.

 BJ Willard

Thanks again to everyone at Genesis Shocks for their help to bring us to Victory Lane at Merrittville Speedway Last night!

Sam Cox

We won USRA Modified Main at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore, OK on 8-13-11. 2nd night on Genesis shocks. Awesome shocks!!!

Steve Hendren Racing

Both myself and my brother Mike would like to thank you for being a very large part of our success so far in 2011! I've raced for 24 years, and beyond a doubt you produce the BEST shocks in the industry! Thanks again, and we look forward to a continued relationship for many years to come.

Steve & Mike Hendren
Hendren Racing Engines

Dave Hess Racing

Would like to thank Mike Farr & Genesis Race Shocks for their continued support and help leading us to our recent success including our third DOUBLE feature win at Eriez Speedway Sunday!

Steve Hendren Racing

Picked up win #5 for 2011 last night. Thanks Mike for all that you do!

 BJ Willard - 6/12/2011

Thanks to Mike Farr and everyone at Genesis Shocks for all their knowledge and great products that helped take the Willard Racing 77Jr for the second time victory lane at Merrittville Speedway tonight!

Bill Willard - 4/30/2011

We won the Dirt Car Sportsman feature April 30th at Merrittville Speedway and my Son BJ said the Genesis shocks worked incredible! He said that he could feel the car plant excellent on entry and was able to pick the throttle up instantly with tons of side bite and best of all he was able to stay totally in the throttle for drive off. Great shock package!

Todd Waddell

After much team discussion and investigation into the various shock absorbers on the market the decision was made to invest in “Genesis Shocks”. The Genesis package put together by Craig Vosbergen and his team at Racin Tyres and Accessories is second to none and from the results in the State Title already showed dividends for Todd and the team.

Ben Stephens

“The setup on this Hughes car is really different than what we’ve run on our Larry Shaw and Taylor modifieds the last four years,” Ben said. “I really like how flat the car stays compared to getting over on the right rear or carrying the left front. Our spring and shock package will be different on this car and Mike Farr at Genesis Shocks has been a big help in getting the correct shock valving for us,” Ben noted after Friday’s heat race

Andre Layfield

Thanks for the wins on the awesome shocks, those things just work!! I won opening night at Pittsburgh Motor Speedway, and I came out 2 weeks later and won opening night at Roaring Knob Speedway in Markleysburg, PA. I am 2-2 on Genesis Shocks in two different cars!
I  just wanted to let you guys know we won 5-22 Friday night at 250 speedway in Cadiz Ohio again and 5-23 Saturday night at Pittsburgh Motor Speedway UEMS race, 5 straight wins on your shocks!

Billy Eash

Mike, I won the Super Late Model feature at Clinton County Raceway in Lock Haven, PA on 5/8/09 using Genesis G1 shocks. Thanks for a great product.

Dave Hess Jr.

Hess's biggest weekend came at Tri-City's Labor Day Classic where he drove his machine to a career best 2nd place finish with the World of Outlaws. "On Sunday night I decided to change my shock package, I went with Genesis Shocks, and that combined with my set-up gave me a great car to work with and that always helps," said Hess.

Derek Byler

Derek Byler won the feature at Hesston Speedway in Hesston, Pennsylvania on August 2, 2008. He started 10th in the 20 lap event and made the winning move on the top of the racetrack going into the 1st turn on the final lap. "Shocks couldn't be any better. Car is so consistent this year. Thanks for a great product."

Derek Blyer

Dustin Griffin

 I won at Spoon River Speedway In Illinois in my UMP Pro Late Model (Crate Car) I have two different cars both of which I have won with this year.  Great Shocks! 

Sincerely, Dustin Griffin.

Jeff Henry

Just would like to let you know we are having a good season running your shocks this year.  This is a photo in Victory Lane @ Golden Isles Speedway where we won a National Late Model Series race on 7/12/08.  Thanks for a good product.

Doug Drown

I know several have already mentioned, but J Miller's reply states it the best, this is one of, if not the only shock that offers the best of both worlds, A gas shock with an oil shock feel. Whether you run them on a rough track or smooth the results are great. I personally only have 8 shocks that I run any given night and they are all genesis non-adjustable series shocks. I have never been treated better by any company, service and technical support. As Robbie, I also will not have another brand of shocks on my car as long as Mike Farr and Genesis are together, they have exceeded my expectations to say the least!

Matt Long

“We had a fantastic weekend. All the things that we spent all winter working on and making better are really starting to pay dividends. Our car is just driving awesome right now. Our shock program with Genesis has been a big help for our performance. Mike Lutz and Mike Farr are just so hands on and they have really helped out our handling and adjustments.”


"Our racing program just continues to get better and better. Mike Lutz and Mike Farr at Genesis Racing Shocks have really been invaluable to shortening my learning curve. And their shocks have really helped our car drive better. Me and the guys are really getting better at making adjustments to the car that help it. And I think our finishes are starting to reflect that. We have been very competitive every where we have raced".

“Flyan’’ Ryan Farrell - 4 Time Western Australian Sprint Car Champion

“These Genesis Shocks have made a massive difference to my car in Perth this season, I am able to hold consistent lines on the track and the biggest notable difference is they don’t change for the entire distance of the race. I am able to put the car up on the boards and know it will be all good to pull of the move I have committed to, moving to Genesis Shocks has been a very positive move and I thank Craig Vosbergen from Racin Tyres for pointing me in this direction”

Don King - King Racing - Driver James Civali

“Thanks again for your great shocks that carried us to our win at the Wall Township Turkey Derby. We ran the entire race without changing tires and everyone told us it couldn't be done. ”

Chub Frank - Chub Frank Racing

“We had our best year ever and it came with Genesis Shocks on my car,” said Chub Frank, one of the biggest names on the national dirt Late Model scene. “They build a real quality shock that works well and isn’t complicated, but as far as I’m concerned the best part about being associated with Genesis is the service you get.

“Their service is just awesome. If you send a shock down to them for some work, you’ll have it back in a couple days. That’s something you can’t say about most shock companies.”

Jeremy Miller - Buckler Motorsports

"Race proven, cost effective, quality service."
"Genesis have taken a product that was becoming very complicated and made it simple. You get the feel of an oil shock with the control of a gas shock. We got on some new Genesis shocks,” said Jeremy Miller, “and they turned our program around.”

Jeff Heotzler

“Ever since we put the Genesis Shocks on I’ve had a better feel for the car,” said Jeff Heotzler. “I can actually feel the right-front and the right-rear, and that just helps me drive that much straighter.

“When you can feel the right-front like I could on Genesis Shocks, it’s exactly what you’re looking for as a race car driver. It’s a big help on the slick tracks.”

 Joey Kendall

"My crew chief switched us from pro shocks to Genesis shocks and I can't get over the difference it makes to our race-car. The car is so smooth now. We race on some really bumpy tracks and now with our new Genesis shocks, I don't even know that there is a bump on the track!!! These shocks keep our car on the ground, even on the roughest race-tracks! Thanks to everyone at Genesis Shocks!!!! Keep up the great work and we look forward to many more wins."

Dave Shagla

"We won the point championship dirt limited late model Hummingbird Speedway Falls Creek Pa Your shocks make our car go thru the corners like its on a rail thank you”.

Tom Corcoran

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the great service last week, sending 5 shocks in on Monday and getting them back on Friday is definitely outstanding! I appreciate your effort"!

Matt Brown

Matt commented on the Genesis Shocks at a Recent Perth Motorplex meeting “These shocks are awesome it makes my ride a lot smoother in these cars across the bumps, I noticed it more recently at Bunbury Speedway where it is know for being a traditionally rough surface & my car handled the bumps a lot better, it has definitely made a difference to my car”.

Bob Salathe

"The only thing we changed on the car was the shocks and we took it to Allegany County Speedway in Cumberland, MD. That's the first time all year I have felt my car underneath me. We won the heat race and were leading the feature when we broke a rod in the motor. I can't wait to put them on the other car for this weekend for The Pittsburger those shocks are great".

Scott Johnson

We're not making too many changes," said Johnson, a Wattsburg, Pa. native. Instead of making wholesale adjustments to his Super Late Model to find the right setup, "we've simplified everything." The only major change occurred three weeks ago, when the team switched to Genesis racing shocks, which have improved the car's handling and traction."The car is suiting me instead of me adapting to the car,"Johnson said. "It has been unbelievable. . We're doing really well."

Allen Brannon

“I think they are going to be alright, to put it mildly,” stated Brannon, who scored his second career feature win at Hagerstown Speedway. “We’ve been close but we wanted to get an edge on everybody and I guess we were one of the first cars to get the Genesis shocks so we put them on this week for the first time, started eighth and won the race. The car felt real good.”

Doug Drown

Doug Drown also debuted a new Genesis Racing Shocks package on his Rocket Chassis/Malcuit Racing Engines #12. “I loved them,” stated Drown. “The car felt great, felt the car finally move again underneath me. I’m looking forward to getting on different tracks with them on. It’s too early to give a true assessment but I really think that both Mike’s at Genesis have come up with something good. The shocks are unbelievable, the quality, the time and effort they put into developing it, the craftsmanship is excellent. I can say right out of the box, the way they felt, I couldn’t be happier.”


“As for switching to the new Genesis Shocks, I’m impressed with everything Mike Farr has going on there. It’s so simple its unreal. People today were asking me about them and someone said they were expensive but they’re not. They’re probably one of the cheapest shocks with coil over kit and everything right out of the box. You put them on the car and go.”

“And that’s what Mike Farr and Mike Lutz wanted to do and I think they accomplished that. And now its just letting these other guys to realize they have a good product and the craftsmanship in the product is unbelievable and they are so simple to work with.”

Alan Sagi

"The car feels good a lot better than anything I have had on it. The car has motion again! I was real happy with the way the car felt & ran last weekend. I believe were going to be real good on these shocks"  "My crew guy's were really impressed with the workmanship and quality and the hardware"  "I'm really impressed with these shocks"

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